Thyroid Conference


The 2nd Middle East Thyroid Cancer Conference will feature some of the world's most renown surgeons in the field who will share their experiences and exchange ideas on the latest international guidelines, new genetic markers, the continuous evolving of new surgery technologies to the new concept of target therapy and a vision on the future treatment.

Key Topics:

  • Management of thyroid nodules 
  • Update on molecular markers
  • Management of malignant conditions
  • Non-surgical ablative therapy
  • Radio-iodine ablation and follow up 

Benefits of attending:

  • Apply novel tools and techniques to improve the overall health and quality of life for people treated by Otolaryngologists
  • Improve the standard of care in by gaining a critical toolkit of current research and advances in otolaryngology
  • Achieve competence in performing diagnostics and treatment measures to deliver better quality service to otolaryngology patients
  • Review current indications of newly developed products and devices and integrate these advances correctly to clinical practice
  • Access research backed medical practices that will shorten the patient’s hospital stay, recovery time and associated costs

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DAY 1: Sunday, 1st April 2018


09:00 -- Opening Remarks -- Carmelo Barbaccia
09:10 -- Keynote lecture: Changing trends in the management of thyroid cancer over
the last 30 years -- Rossella Elisei
Mini-seminar: Thyroid Nodule management
Moderator - David Viola, Donatella Casiglia
09:40 -- Risk stratification of thyroid nodules on ultrasonography -- Franco Grimaldi
10:05 -- Fine Needle Aspiration of the thyroid: Diagnostic challenges -- Yasin Khalid Ahmed

 10:25 -- Toxic thyroid nodules and the risk of thyroid cancer -- Ali Khalil
10:50 -- Q&A

11:00 -- Coffee Break 

Mini-seminar: Recent advances in Thyroid surgery
Moderator: Giuseppe Spriano, Cesare Piazza
11:30 -- Transoral thyroidectomy: Patient and surgeon candidacy -- Gianlorenzo Dionigi
11:50 -- Cervical accesses vs. extracervical accesses: State of the art of endoscopic thyroidectomy
-- Paolo Miccoli
12:10 -- Experience of endoscopic assisted neck dissection -- Weige Yang
12:30 -- Robot Assisted Transaxillary Thyroidectomy (RATT): Results of a large series from a
single western center -- Paolo Miccoli
12:50 – Q&A

13:00 -- Lunch Break

Mini-seminar: Management of advanced thyroid cancer

Moderator: Paolo Miccoli, Carmelo Barbaccia

14:00 -- Treatment of local advanced thyroid cancer -- Giuseppe Spriano

14:40 -- Management of tracheal compression in thyroid surgery -- Shaik Irfan Basha

15:10 -- Tracheal reconstruction fort thyroid cancer invasion -- Cesare Piazza

15:45 – Q&A

16:00 -- Coffee Break

Mini-seminar: Non-surgical management of thyroid cancer
Moderator: Franco Grimaldi
16:30 -- Non invasive ablation of thyroid disease and personal experience with High Intensity Focus Ultrasound, HIFU -- Brian HH Lang
17:00 -- Management of thyroglobulin antibodies -- Hubert Penninckx
17:20 -- Treatment of Hypothyroidism with L-T4 liquid formulations -- Paolo Miccoli
17:45 – Q&A

18:00 -- End of Day 

DAY 2: Monday, 2nd April 2018


08:55 -- Opening remarks – Carmelo Barbaccia
Mini-Seminar: Refractory Thyroid Cancer
Moderator: Franco Grimaldi, Ali Khalil 
09:00 -- Management of thyroid cancer recurrence -- Eiman Mohamed Al Seddeeqi
09:20 -- Update on role of external beam radiation therapy in thyroid cancer -- Tarek Dufan
09:40 -- Radioiodine refractory thyroid cancer -- David Viola
10:00 -- Panel discussion: Controversy in Thyroid cancer
Moderator: Carmelo Barbaccia
Panelists: Rossella Elisei, David Viola, Franco Grimaldi, Eiman Mohamed Al Seddeeqi, Giuseppe Spriano, Paolo Miccoli

11:00 -- Coffee Break

Mini-Seminar: Paediatric Thyroid cancer
Moderator: Eiman Mohamed Al Seddeeqi, David Viola
11:30 -- Paediatric thyroid cancer diagnosis and management-- Hanaa Zidan
12:00 -- Surgical management of papillary thyroid cancer in childhood and adolescence -- Paolo Miccoli
12:30 – Q&A
12:40 -- Lunch Break

Instructional course
14:00 -- Medullary thyroid cancer: From benchside to clinical management -- Rossella Elisei
Mini-Seminar: Radioiodine ablation
Moderator: Donatella Casiglia
14:45 -- New trend in radioiodine ablation -- David Viola
15:30 -- The benefit and the dilemma of I-131 ablation therapy in the Middle East -- Hua Carolyn Yang
15:50 -- Q&A
16:00 -- Coffee Break

Mini-Seminar: Nerve monitoring in thyroid and parathyroid surgery
Moderator: Paolo Miccoli, Yogesh More 
16:30 -- IONM in endoscopic thyroidectomy -- Gianlorenzo Dionigi
16:45 -- IONM troubleshooting algorithms -- Manjiri Ashok Gupte
17:00 -- Pros and cons of intermittent RLN monitoring by bipolar probe -- Arturo Poletti

Mini-Seminar: Management of hoarseness and state of the art session: Parathyroid management

Moderator: Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Manjiri Ashok Gupte  
17:15 -- Management of hoarseness and VFP in thyroid surgery patients -- Michael Benninger
17:30 -- Primary hyperparathyroidism -- Yogesh More
17:45 -- MIVAPT, Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Para Thyroidectomy -- Paolo Miccoli
18:00 -- End of Conference

  • Dr Ali Khalil, Consultant Endocrinologist, Imperial London Diabetes Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Dr Arturo Poletti, Otolaryngology Consultant Surgeon, Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Brian Hung-Hin Lang, Division Chief, Endocrine Surgery, University of Hong Kong, Victoria City, Hong Kong
  • Dr Cesare Piazza, Assistant Professor of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy
  • Prof Dr David Viola, Specialist, Endocrinology and Metabolism, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
  • Dr Donatella Casiglia, Consultant Endocrinologist, American Hospital Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Eiman Al Seddeeqi, Consultant Endocrinologist, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Prof Dr Franco Grimaldi, MD, Head of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition Unit, Professor, University-Hospital Santa Maria Della Misericordia, Udine, Immediate Past President, Italian AACE Chapter, Member, AACE International, ACTE Committee, Udine, Italy
  • Prof Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Ordinario di Chirurgia, Full Professor of Surgery, University of Messina, Messina, Sicily, Italy
  • Prof Dr Giuseppe Spriano MD, Chief, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, National Cancer Institute, Rome, Italy
  • Dr Hanaa Zidan, Paediatric Endocrinologist, American Hospital Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Hua Carolyn Yang, Nuclear Medicine, American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Hubert Penninckx, Endocrinologist, American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Manjiri Ashok Gupte, Specialist Physician, Medical Institute - Medical Affairs, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Prof Dr Michael Benninger, Chairman, Head and Neck Institute, Professor of Surgery, Lerner College of Medicine, The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Prof Paolo Miccoli, Professor of General Surgery, Department of Surgical Pathology, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
  • Prof Dr Rosella Elissei, Associate Professor, Endocrinology, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy
  • Dr Shaik Irfan Basha, Consultant Physician, Medical Institute - Medical Affairs, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Dr Tarek Dufan, Director of Radiation Oncology, American Hospital Dubai, Dubai, UAE
  • Prof Weige Yang, MD, PhD, Thyroid and Breast Group, Department of General Surgery, Zhongshan Hospital, Director, Fudan University Medical Center for Thyroid Disease, Director, Zhongshan Hospital Medical Center for Breast Disease, Shanghai, China
  • Dr Yasin Khalid Ahmed, Pathologist, American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • Dr Yogesh More, Consultant Surgeon, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE